Best Entertainment-Related Rewards Cards

Choosing a credit card to earn miles from airlines can be pretty straightforward.  The same is true for credit cards that earn rewards points for shopping at a certain retailer or even buying necessities like gas or groceries.  But what about earning points for your entertainment spending?  People who spend a lot on cinema tickets, eating out, going to live events, or even purchasing music and movies for home use often seem to be left out of the credit card rewards game.  Not everyone is a frequent flier or the owner of a gas-guzzling SUV, yet these are the only people who can really benefit from the aforementioned rewards cards for airlines or gas stations.  But everyone has something that they do regularly for entertainment, whether it’s eating out, going to the theater or the stadium, or taking some movies home to watch from the comfort of their sofa.

Luckily, some credit card companies are starting to offer rewards for entertainment spending.  Here are some good choices for people who want to exploit this rewards niche:

The Citi Forward® Card offers 5 points per dollar on music, movies and even bookstore purchases.  Restaurants are also included in the 5 point category.  The Citi Forward® Card has a bonus of a $100 gift card for users who spend $650 in the first three months of card ownership.  These bonuses and the overall earning potential makes this card, arguably, one of the most versatile and powerful entertainment-centered rewards cards on the market.  The Chase Freedom also has a 5 point-per-dollar category.  The problem: the category changes every three months, so the current deal that offers 5 points per dollar on purchases won’t last forever, making it hard to compare this card to the others in terms of entertainment spending.  However, as a general points-earning card, the Freedom could be a great deal for many consumers.

Diner’s Club and American Express offer premium cards that can earn points for money spent on entertainment.  These cards can also qualify cad-holders for premium services while traveling, dining or shopping.  That said, Diner’s and premium AmEx cards are for serious points-collectors and perk-seekers who will get more than $500 worth of perks and points out of the cards each year.

Some cards have worthwhile bonuses.  That is the case for the Discover® Open Road Card, which offers an option of 20% cashback bonuses on purchases from their shopping portals through  Other Discover cards also have this perk and is definitely worthwhile for those who are seeking a quick way to gain some rewards while shopping.  The Discover® Open Road Card also offers 2% cash back on restaurant and gas purchases throughout the year.

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